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Frequently Asked Questions about Ultralights Flying...
What are the requirements to fly an ultralights?
     Not withstanding any other section pertaining to airmen certification, The FAA does not require operators of ultralight vehicles to meet any aeronatical knowledge, age, or experience requirements to opearate those vehicles or to have airman or medical certificates. Therefore, neither a private pilot's license nor a flight physical is not required to fly a weightshift ultralight.

Does this mean anyone can fly an ultralight?
     Yes, technically, anyone can fly an ultralight. In accordance with our ORM policies, San Diego Ultralights LLC limits participation in its flight training program to students 16 years and older (minors will need written consent from a parent or legal guardian),  weighing between 120lbs and 200lbs (due to the training ultralight's performance limitations), and be in good health with current medical insurance.

What is an 'ultralight vehicle'?
  Basically, ultralights are open-air airplanes. Typically constructed with anodized aluminum tubing, stainless steel, injection molded fittings, cable bracing, and rip-stop Dacron sailcloth flying surfaces.
The OFFICIAL FAA definition is under the Code of Federal Regulations Part 103.

How fast can I go? How high can I climb?
     The speed of the ultright is limited to the perfomance of the airfact - for training the cruise speed will be in the 25-35mpg range. Weightshift ultralights are generally flown between 500 and 2500ft AGL. It will be thrilling!

If your question was not covered in this section, please email or call for more info - 760.650.2470
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